Educational Technology Blog: List of other blogs and teacher resources for effective practices in the classroom while integrating technology for the enhancement of learning.

Web 2.0 Guru Wikispace: Providing all of the best Web 2.0 tools, resources, information, and research to aid teachers with the integration of technology for the 21st century.

ISTE: The International Society for Technology in Education is a worldwide organization dedicated to providing resources, learning opportunities, conference, valuable materials, news, and standards for the integration along with supplementation of learning with technology for educators.

PBS Teachers: PBS is committed to providing the best resources, web links, information, research, and other professional development tools for teachers to utilize in and out of the classroom.

Tools 4 Teachers Blog: This blog was created for the purpose of giving teachers the tools with educational technology for their benefit within the classroom along with grant information, conferences, sites, tips, and news features.

Tech & Learning: Tech & Learning offers webinars, resources, list of blogs, best practices, technology forum, and other useful information to help teachers push for classroom learning with technology.