Welcome to my Professional Learning Network!

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My name is Andrew Roberts and I am currently a student at the University of Northern Iowa in Elementary Education. I am double minoring in Literacy Education and Educational Technology. I really enjoy being progressive about education reform, doing research about anything, getting into fitness and nutrition, and watching or playing sports.

Professional Learning Goals:

  • To provide elementary teachers and educators with resources geared towards their curriculum
  • For others to show me useful resources or technology that is beneficial to me
  • Provide a space for collaboration and idea sharing

Educational Blogs and Wikis:

Matt Townsley's Blog: Matt Townsley is a Director of Instruction in the Solon Community School District. He has great tips on curriculum instruction, how to teach in creative ways, and anything to challenge your thoughts as a teacher.

Crawford Learmonth's Blog: A blog by Crawford Learmonth about the privelege of being a teacher, teaching with enthusiasm, and the belief that teaching is a noble calling for Crawford.

Tools For Teachers Wiki: Wiki for teachers wanting to learn how to use Web 2.0 tools, smartboards, podcasting, and other technology not familiar to them.

Smart Teachers Wiki: This wiki provides information on how to use smartboards and subject areas that can benefit from the use of smartboards.

Educational Websites:

Edutopia: Edutopia is a K-12 resource that has instructional videos by grade levels, different types of learning, and other great educational resources aimed to challenge your perspectives on education.

Education Nation: This website provides the latest video, opinions, blogs, and ideas that will shape the future of education in America. Provide by NBC News.

Teach Ade: Teach Ade provides teachers and educators with free resources to connect with colleagues on Teach Ade, have a workspace for additional materials used by a teacher, and create an online community for teachers or educators.

Web 2.0 Tools:

Jing: Jing is a tool used to create screencasts and post them to places like Twitter, Facebook, anywhere on the web, or your own blog.

Pixlr: Pixlr is a great picture editing that performs the functions of a program like Adobe Photoshop for free.

Vimeo: A website where you can upload and share videos on Twitter, Facebook, anywhere on the web, or you own blog. Also you can participate in projects with other members on Vimeo.

Google Scholar: Google Scholar gives someone a place to search for research articles that are academic based and other scholarly literature for projects or other educational uses.

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